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Beauty Spring/Summer 2015 - UN-i-VIS

Over the past decade, social media has helped shed light and on global issues. As a result, people feel more strongly connected to health and safety concerns in developing countries. UN-I-VS stands for universe with an emphasis on the UN. 2015 marks the target for the United Nation’s eight Millennial Development Goals to be completed. All eyes are on these international initiatives, influencing the palette with global flare. Primary hues are favored for their recognition and common meaning across cultures.

A universally appealing palette featuring the building blocks of color
Unconventional beauty colors such as yellow and blue are introduced as wearable options in transparent washes and stains
Cyan-hued Cure is striking in ultra high gloss finishes


Colors details

Just Get Along

This pink is given some heated strength with its healthy red tint.


This illumining yellow is given a calm wash with its quiet brown overtones.


Bold and stable this deep blue is given even more depth with its ever so slight berry veins.


The blue notes within this powerful berry adds strength to the rest of the colors.


This vibrant blue has strong yellow elements that keep it crisp and sharp.

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