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WOMEN'S Fall/Winter 2019-20 - Activator


Activewear as daywear is a trend that continues to dominate and with it comes traditional brights.  This collection of rich shades is inspired by the modern art world and is meant to be mixed together in joyful prints, luxurious tweeds or the more traditional color blocking.  As the most colorful trend in the forecast, this palette is meant as a strong statement and many of the colors can be used in other trends as “activators” to stimulate a sense of newness in more traditional shades.

Lets push magenta to the limits to add a shock
Combine yellow and orange to highlight each other
Clean aqua and indigo blue used to cool the palette
Colors details

Join the Navy

A classic blue that anchors the palette

Bright Spark Yellow

A vibrant yellow the shock the viewer

Flip the Switch Orange

An edgy yellow based orange

Accelerator Magenta

The cleanest and clearest aqua you can find


A strong mid-tone blue that balances this vibrant palette

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