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Artwork Fall/Winter 2018-19

Women's F/W 2018-19


The CAUS F/W 2018-19 season continues to be a time of great unrest. The current climate, whether political or otherwise, casts a shadow on fashion. People are questioning authority, the status quo, societal norms, and how to dress.

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Men F/W 2018-19


With so much uncertainty in the world, men are looking for ways to take their minds off of real-life realities. Fantasy, travel and wellness become key inspiration as well as primary distractions that encourage this sense of personal retreat.

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Youth F/W 2018-19


Growing up in a very unsettled world, the next generation is challenged to set a new path. The time-honored socio-political traditions that have defined society for decades are being shattered and for better or worse, new codes of conduct are emerging.

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Beauty FW 2018-19


The one thing that is certain right now is uncertainty. As we look ahead to Fall/Winter 2018-19, the subject of stability continues to be a topic of great discussion. Minority groups have been activated in the wake of the election, uniting communities to support one another – and not move backward in time.

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