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Youth Fall/Winter - On Demand


Evolving from the idea of DIY, the notion of DIFM (Do It For Me) begins to replace the desire to do everything for one’s self. In a time when life is essentially lived “in the cloud”, easy access to cherished digital assets is expected. Almost everything can be organized and arranged with the click of a button -- from a personal assistant to pick-up car service.  Cyberspace becomes “home base”, with 24/7 access to anything imaginable.  In line with this effortless, unlimited accessibility, the palette brings together clean and clear color in a variety of bold tones. 


Blue stands out as a poignant pop of color, setting a cool tone 

Deep purple replaces black as a solid ground color

Bold fuchsia is infused with a hint of coral, producing the brightest accent in the forecast for the season




Colors details

Cloud Lyfe

A bright medium-light blue with a drop of red


Mid-tone blue with yellow undertones and a powdery finish


A creamy, milk chocolaty brown

Assist Me

A cool and grapey deep purple

Pick Me Up

Punched up coral with a neon glow

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