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I.  Our color consultancy group offers various Color Strategy services including:

1.     Brand color strategy development and introduction (particularly suitable for companies looking for color solutions to enhance brand position, distinctiveness, affinity and leadership).

2.     Product / portfolio color strategy development and introduction (particularly suitable for corporate clients looking to enhance color efficiency, differentiation, and overall value).

3.     Competitive / comparative color advantage assessment and adjustment recommendations (typically include color strategy re-calibration to effectively meet trends and competitive challenges / opportunities).

4.     Color Scorecard development and roll-out to measure color effectiveness in alignment with the brand/product color strategy.

Among the industries we have worked with are:

  • Consumer goods
  • Durable home
  • Apparel
  • Building products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Home furnishings
  • Contract furnishings
  • Electronics
  • Paper goods
  • Financials

II.  We conduct invited research customized to address your color strategy and design questions.

Our color research capabilities span across global markets, multi-lingual contexts, product offerings, and qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. We conduct focus groups, poll color preferences through custom-designed global surveys, and provide expert panels.

Our research insights and recommendations are typically used to validate or determine color design and strategy decisions.

Here are some project examples:

CASE: A global leading provider of enterprise software and services was looking to re-substantiate and reaffirm their commitment to their brand identity colors. Critique from the C-suite suggested that the brand colors are not ‘liked’ internally and do not seem to deliver sufficient differentiation for the company.

Solution: A competitive landscape analysis together with a global attribute search, provided insight into the competitive use of color within the sector, matched against color trends in this space and global semantic analysis of meanings attached to the specific brand colors. We identified that the competitive space is getting crowded with players all using a very similar and narrow color palette while the company at hand is maintaining color uniqueness that’s positively associated with desired brand attributes in the jurisdictions of their global operations.  Additionally, the color trends further stipulated that this company’s brand colors will remain timely and relevant, supporting the inventive and innovative brand image the company is interested projecting.


CASE: 80% of pills sold in the market are white. This often generates patient confusion and counterfeit problems. Those companies deciding to coat their tablets in color often face a difficult questions – What color should a pill be and how to effectively marry brand attributes and culture implications into the color decision?

Solution: We conducted a first-in-kind global research that studied 27 colors x 27 brand attributes x 12 countries (n = 2021 subjects) and identified color-attribute associations that are now used to guide brand and marketing color decisions in the pharmaceuticals industry. As the most comprehensive and robust academic study ever done in this space, the study report was published in 2012 at the Color research and application Journal, a double-blind peer review journal reporting on the science, technology, and application of color in business, art, design, education, and industry.


CASE: a leader in the Electronics Industry was undergoing rebranding of its most popular offering. Approaching final rendition of their ideas the color question was raised – why were these colors picked? With no justification for chosen colors, the board mandated developing a substantiated color strategy to support the rebranding effort.

Solution: We conducted a competitive landscape analysis, looking at usage of color by competitors, trends in this space and the company’s brand position within their competitive arena. We identified the color opportunity that would differentiate the company, allow it to effectively implement its strategy and use colors that are trend-correct and can maintain their viability over several years.


CASE: What color strategy should a global company in the home furnishing industry follow? We were asked to help the global design and marketing team develop a strategy for applying color effectively to grow sales.

Solution: We profiled the industry to identify color application in products and the impact color has on product sales in the relevant categories. We then conducted a series of workshops with the team to develop color scenarios from color proliferation to color customization, select the most suitable one, develop an implementation plan and of and metrics to measure color value upon strategy execution.


CASE: What’s your ‘color story’ for the upcoming season? How do you bring your product offering up-to-date on color trends, organize your product line so it is color coordinated (away from color chaos!) and maintain cohesion and brand personality?

Solution: We analyzed sales data, and the company’s pattern and color portfolio, and developed a methodology to prune the line while adapting the offerings to color fashion relevant in the industry. We further helped developing the sales team product portfolio for retailers and enhanced operational efficiencies consolidating and focusing the color palette.

For further details, please call Leslie Harrington at 212-947-7774