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WOMEN Spring/Summer 2014 - End of Day

At the End of the Day, both figuratively and literally, all women want is to take some time for themselves and recharge. They focus on shedding the layers of the day by changing out of their “uniform” into something that is comfortable and feels great. This is a time when one can unwind, and reflect on the events of the day. Relaxation is a welcome respite, providing a few moments to break free from daily routines. The beauty of this palette is the ease that comes with the colors. The cool soothing tones are restful and rejuvenating. Muted terra-cotta Undress is warm and comforting – like the final moment of a sunset as the deep night sky blankets the earth. Like the celestial twinkle of the stars, silver-gray Under the Sheets adds a glimmer of softness to the richness of the palette.


Colors details

under the sheets

The faint gray cast this of this off white forms a relaxing repose.


The subtle brown and red quality of this peach adds a beautiful ease to the shade.

early dusk

The cozy feel of this green is both comforting and serene well still remaining vigorous with its deep blue hinges.


Tranquil and relaxing, this blueʼs faint green undertones keep it grounded.

dirty laundry

This brownʼs gray tinges creates a calming neutral that adds
great support to more vibrant pigments.

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