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BEAUTY Fall/Winter 2013/14 - New-Trals

The final story in the forecast takes the age-old concept of a “neutral” and reinterprets it for the FW 13-14 season. 

The environment remains a driving influence, but changes its preference for the sleek and shiny (seen in season’s past) for elements that have a rough and raw quality to them. We look to nature for colors that are unrefined, or at least appear to have an unpolished quality to them--as though they are straight from the ground. Metallics become more dirty, or Tarnished, in nature with high-patina finishes.

This is not a conventional collection of neutral colors. Each has a saturated quality, adding depth and dimension to the tints and tones it is paired with. There is an underlying smoky, gray-based quality to the palette. Purple continues to have a presence in the forecast (moving forward from SS13’s Haze) but transitions into a more yellow-based tone, and darkens. The New-trals palette can be used as a complete look or serve as an anchor for the three more vibrant stories in the forecast.

Colors details

Winter White

This off white is muffled with faint gray and brown notes that molds it into the perfect neutral base for the rest of this palette.

On the Fence

This grayʼs unprocessed natural and unrefined vibe becomes apparent when paired with the more polished hues this season.


A green overcast helps this brown to settle down.


The dusty unpolished appearance of this purple is due to its complex raw blue and gray tones.


This purple has a slight unrefined character that becomes apparent when paired with the more sophisticated colors of the Farm Stand trend.

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